Lonely through language

Before starting my year abroad, I didn’t really know what to expect of my regional allocation: The Basque Country. I knew there were two co-official languages, that perhaps I might hear a little Basque in my workplace, and that it rains a lot. I am studying French and Spanish, and have already completed my time… Continue reading Lonely through language


La gratitud

Three reasons to say “Eskerrik asko” for my Year Abroad In Euskera, a co-official language of the Basque Country, “Eskerrik asko” means “thank you”. I have recently been inspired by Rupy Aujla, @doctors_kitchen on Instagram to start a daily gratitude exercise. This involves listing three things I am grateful for each day and ranges from… Continue reading La gratitud

Alice's Adventures

Alice’s Adventures in Le Pays Basque

Living in the Basque Country is like a constant, cultural learning curve. The language is far from Castellano/Castilian Spanish, the landscape is hugely different to parts of Spain I have seen before, and you may find yourself treading on someone's toes if you refer to them as Spanish, or indeed living in Spain. I learned this the hard way… Continue reading Alice’s Adventures in Le Pays Basque

Alice's Adventures

Alice’s Adventures in Málaga

In search of a burst of sunshine and a day without Txirimiri on a rainy weekend in Bilbao, last week I flew down with three friends to Málaga. It's safe to say from the moment we stepped off the plane, we were pleasantly surprised with not only the drastic improvement in weather, but also the smiles from… Continue reading Alice’s Adventures in Málaga


The rain in Spain stays mainly…in Bilbao

Always thought the United Kingdom was the most rainy place you could visit?  Bilbao: European City of the Year 2018; and with so much to offer. But if you're planning a beach weekend away in sunny Spain, think again, for the majority of the year. I have been pleasantly surprised by this city: its mountainous backdrop,… Continue reading The rain in Spain stays mainly…in Bilbao


Why you shouldn’t make language learning a ‘New Year’s resolution’

Another year, another new year's resolution. But why not make 2018 the year you choose one you'll actually stick to? The first week in January: a week of new beginnings, new ventures and the overwhelming guilt as your new year's resolution of going to the gym every day or eating ten portions of fruit and… Continue reading Why you shouldn’t make language learning a ‘New Year’s resolution’


The five British things you didn’t think you’d miss on your Year Abroad

So you have begun your year-long adventure away from the comfort of your university city and friends. They watch in jealousy from rainy home soil whilst your social media is overflowing with beers in the sun, weekends travelling around Europe and very little evidence of anything remotely like work or studying. But whilst they groan… Continue reading The five British things you didn’t think you’d miss on your Year Abroad


Five things the Basque Country does well

When I applied for my Year Abroad placement with the British Council, País Vasco didn't make the cut for my first or second regional preference. I actually ranked it as my last choice, and as I had done zero research into the region was fairly disappointed when I received my allocation. But since, I have fallen in… Continue reading Five things the Basque Country does well


Learn when you’re not learning

So you've decided to learn a new language. You long to travel with ease, spark up a conversation with the locals and get a smile back from the French waiter as you casually whip out a "Merci!" when he brings your coffee over. You tell all your friends, order a textbook online and publish a meaningful… Continue reading Learn when you’re not learning


The websites you need to bookmark as a linguist

My Bookmarks tab is always growing with useful websites to help me on my language learning journey. Are you a linguist? Bookmark these sites now... Word Reference If you are a languages student and haven't used Word Reference then I salute you for getting through the countless essays and translation exercises up until now. This is an… Continue reading The websites you need to bookmark as a linguist