Alice's Adventures

Alice’s Adventures in Le Pays Basque

Living in the Basque Country is like a constant, cultural learning curve. The language is far from Castellano/Castilian Spanish, the landscape is hugely different to parts of Spain I have seen before, and you may find yourself treading on someone's toes if you refer to them as Spanish, or indeed living in Spain. I learned this the hard way… Continue reading Alice’s Adventures in Le Pays Basque


The rain in Spain stays mainly…in Bilbao

Always thought the United Kingdom was the most rainy place you could visit?  Bilbao: European City of the Year 2018; and with so much to offer. But if you're planning a beach weekend away in sunny Spain, think again, for the majority of the year. I have been pleasantly surprised by this city: its mountainous backdrop,… Continue reading The rain in Spain stays mainly…in Bilbao



EUSKARAREN NAZIOARTEKO EGUNA DÍA INTERNACIONAL DEL EUSKERA INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE BASQUE LANGUAGE Each year on December 3rd, the people of the Basque Country come together to celebrate International Day of the Basque Language.  Five facts about the Basque Language Basque, or Euskera is the oldest living language in Europe. It is spoken in Spain and in France, as… Continue reading Kaixo!


Five things the Basque Country does well

When I applied for my Year Abroad placement with the British Council, País Vasco didn't make the cut for my first or second regional preference. I actually ranked it as my last choice, and as I had done zero research into the region was fairly disappointed when I received my allocation. But since, I have fallen in… Continue reading Five things the Basque Country does well