Surround yourself only with people who are going to lift you higher

Oprah Winfrey

We have always known that we should look to surround ourselves with people who make us happy, people who make us smile and people who inspire us.

In a world where we are regrettably spending more and more time looking down at the screens of our phones, it is now becoming more important to not only look to surround yourself with positive energy in every day life, but also in the world of social media.

Our mood can often be defined by a recent scroll through our Instagram feed or Twitter, so why are we following people who bring negativity into our lives?


Last weekend, I flew back to the UK to spend my Saturday with my sister at Be:Fit London – a weekend of fitness classes and inspirational talks from industry stars, and a chance to be part of a like-minded, uplifting community.

Those who know me know that I can often be caught scrolling through my Instagram feed keeping up-to-date with health and fitness influencers such as Alice Liveing, Healthy Chef Steph and Tally, Vic and Zanna a.k.a The Girl Gains.

These influential women share workouts, recipes and bursts of mindful wisdom, and all have similar visions of building body-confidence, promoting #girlpower and boosting positivity, through leading happy, healthy lifestyles.

So a Saturday spent at Be:Fit London filled me with as much excitement as starstruck six-year old Alice walking around spotting Minnie Mouse and Cinderella at DisneyLand. Joking aside, it was fantastic to meet and speak with such talented and knowledgeable women, who were genuinely happy to spend time with us taking photos, answering questions and having a chat!

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The event gave us the chance to sit in on talks from these industry professionals, browse a huge range of fitness products (which primarily involved swooping round trying every free sample on offer) and take part in large-scale fitness and dance classes run by the influencers themselves. Our two favourite classes of the day were the #StaySassy dance class from Healthy Chef Steph, and the Bodyweight Strength Training from Alice Liveing. Both classes were challenging, energising and completely focused around the theme of the weekend: #BEYOUROWN. Both Alice and Steph were completely lovely and hugely inspiring; we left the classes feeling refreshed and full of positivity!



I spent the weekend surrounded by positive vibes and inspirational women; not only the influential fitness gurus of Be:Fit London, but also my sister Juliet, who is a huge inspiration to me. From keeping me calm in a panic over WhatsApp, to instantly providing me with an outfit from her wardrobe in times of need, she is truly a brilliant big sister and someone I will always look up to.


Flying back to Bilbao and reflecting on my time spent back in the UK, I realised the importance of surrounding ourselves with people who positively impact and influence our lives, both on and offline. Some may laugh at how excited and enthusiastic I was (although excited and enthusiastic are my middle names) to chat to these ‘Instagram-famous’ fitness stars, and wonder why I was so bothered about meeting people from social media.

But to me these people I follow on Instagram are a circle of knowledge, inspiration and positivity. Spending time educating myself with knowledge bombs in the form of their posts on social media, and in turn taking in a huge burst of positive energy is a chance to push aside any negative thoughts from the day and instead replace them with more of a glass-half-full vibe.

Be sure to surround yourself with positive and inspirational people for the rest of the week, and even push to be that positive burst of inspiration in somebody else’s day!

In the words of Healthy Chef Steph,



Thank you for reading,


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