Students: how to earn money from your computer

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As the Latin proverb says, teaching has a direct link with positively reinforcing information. What if there was a way to teach from your laptop, whilst making money on the job?

Enter: MyTutor


The MyTutor site highlights three key benefits for students:

It’s worthwhile

Make a difference to a student’s exam grade, understanding and confidence. Watch them progress from day one whilst building great skills for your own CV in the meantime.

Reinforce the foundations of your degree through teaching them to others and leave a session feeling that you’ve made a change.

It’s flexible

Work from home, work from your favourite coffee shop, work before lectures, work after the gym. Build your sessions to suit your timetable, adding as many or as few as you like to earn some extra cash alongside your studies.

There is no minimum requirement for how many hours you need to complete each week, and you choose the students and hours to work round your schedule.

It’s well-paid

You can take home between £10-24 per hour, and you choose your price band. Earn above the National Minimum Wage* from the comfort of your own home.

Why do I enjoy working for MyTutor?

I love the flexibility of MyTutor, and how quickly I have upped my price band after some good reviews. I’ve built up a great rapport with my students and really enjoy watching them progress in their subject area.

I also love the ethos of the Schools Programme – a one-to-one support for school students, with the majority of sessions funded by the government.

Why is now a great time to sign up as a tutor?

In the lead up to exams, more and more students are signing up for tutorial sessions, and so demand for tutors is high.

How can I get started?

Click here to complete your application.

Thank you for reading! 


*Figures taken in April 2018 from the gov.uk 

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