Why you shouldn’t make language learning a ‘New Year’s resolution’

target-2045924_960_720Another year, another new year’s resolution. But why not make 2018 the year you choose one you’ll actually stick to?

The first week in January: a week of new beginnings, new ventures and the overwhelming guilt as your new year’s resolution of going to the gym every day or eating ten portions of fruit and veg goes down the drain by day three.

Whilst many opt for a wardrobe revamp, or a new gym regime, why not make learning a new skill as your goal for 2018?wp-image-684980596

By making language learning goal, rather than a cliché new year’s resolution, it makes the target seem more achievable, manageable and fun. Branding a target as a resolution adds a lot of pressure to January, as you feel disheartened if you haven’t at least made a good start on your journey. So whether your goal is fitness-related, skill-based or simply to be a happier version of you, leave the resolutions as a thing of 2017 and move forward into the new year instead with a selection of goals.

Here are three ways to make your language learning goal a bit more manageable this year:

Make your decision an achievable one



Whilst I would love to make 2018 the year I master Chinese Mandarin, I know realistically it isn’t going to be achievable when I need to commit to pushing myself as much as I can in my current languages for the last year of my French and Spanish degree.

If you are looking to learn your first foreign language, why not make it one with similarities to the English grammar set-up such as German, or one which has some recognisable vocabulary like French or Spanish?

If you already have a wide range of languages under your belt and are looking for a challenge then by all means choose 2018 as the year you aim high, but instead of choosing a goal such as fluency, opt for a more achievable goal like grasp the basic grammar to intermediate level. 

Choose a language that’s close to home


It doesn’t take reading every language learning book to grasp that the best way to learn a language is by visiting the country in question. Choose a language from somewhere you may wish to visit this year to practice your new skill.

If you don’t think you’ll be able to get over for a two-week summer holiday, keep a look out for cheap flights on Skyscanner and see if you could pop out for a weekend break just to get a hint of exposure to your new language.

Make a goal, and stick to it

superman-1825720_960_720As with new year’s resolutions, goals for 2018 can be as far-fetched as you wish them to be as long as you know it’s something you can stick to. Nobody can achieve fluency in a language overnight, and choosing a language which you are really passionate about learning will definitely make the journey more enjoyable and therefore easier.

Search out a new Netflix show in your target language and turn your mission into a fun one! If you can learn when you’re not learning , you can achieve your goal in no time.

Bonne chance, buena suerte and good luck with your 2018 language learning goal!



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