Language learning in your pocket with FlashAcademy™

What if you could take a photo of something and instantly hear and see a translation, in any of 60 languages?

With the FlashAcademy app, you can.


I am always looking for new ways to top up my language learning on-the-go. With a long commute to work each day I need to make the most of my time to maximise my language learning without lugging round a heavy bag of grammar books.

FlashAcademy™ gifted me a year’s premium subscription of their app to review the service.

FlashAcademy™ was developed by the creators of FlashSticks® to work hand-in-hand with their Post-it note flashcards; in my opinion it goes above and beyond any other language learning app on the market.

Check out my FlashSticks® review here:


Language learning apps are not a new concept. Duolingo, Memrise and Rosetta Stone have been out for a while. Whilst these are good, the features of their apps are no match for the innovative and fresh ideas which come with the FlashAcademy™ app.

Never before has language learning been as easy as taking a photo on your phone. 

The FlashAcademy™ app is free to download from the App Store and Google Play. You can also pay to upgrade to the Premium* version of the app to have full access to unlimited photo translations, more lessons and more games.


  • Scan your FlashSticks® flashcard for native pronunciations
  • Snap a photo to hear a translation
  • 60 languages currently available including British Sign Language
  • Language learning games unlocked when lessons are completed
  • Grammar lessons
  • Culture tips
  • Learn through listening, spelling, speaking and more!

My top three features of the FlashAcademy™ app are:

  1. The range of languages

With FlashAcademy™ you can access a full language course of 13 languages, with selected features in a further 47 languages too.You can currently access a full language course in any of the following languages:

Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Welsh.

     2. Learn to speak like a native

As you work your way through the lessons and activities, you will be asked to speak the words aloud. FlashAcademy™ analyses the recording and provides you with instant pronunciation feedback to make sure your speaking skills are on track.


     3. Snap to learn

Disclaimer: As a language student I am 100% behind the human brain providing the most accurate translation and am not encouraging you to revert to technology for translation. However, who would have ever thought you’d be able to take a picture of a tree and in a few seconds hear and see a perfect translation into Finnish? That’s pretty cool.

By far my favourite element of the FlashAcademy™ app is the Translate feature. It works like no other translator I have used before and so far has been accurate in its translations.

You take a photo of your coffee cup, and in a short instant have an audio and text translation to taza de cerámica blanca y negra.


Using FlashSticks® with the FlashAcademy™ app

Another fantastic feature of the FlashAcademy™ app is that it goes hand-in-hand with the FlashSticks® Post-it notes. Using the FlashSticks area of the app, you hold your camera over your FlashSticks® Post-it note to see a video recording of the perfect pronunciation by a native speaker. As someone incredibly new to the German language, this is a huge bonus!


Whilst other language learning apps on the market are free, and to make the most of this app you really need to upgrade to Premium* it’s totally worth it. Turn your next holiday into a language learning adventure to snap and translate on-the-go!

Try the app for free now from the App Store / Google Play  

*Premium upgrade available for £6.99/month, £24.99/6 months and £35.99/year


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