Getting a language to STICK: a review of FlashSticks®



Are you learning a language?

Maybe you have been studying a language for years, or maybe you’ve decided to take up learning one.

One of my favourite ways to spend my time whilst at university is to procrastinate with my “studying” techniques. A latest favourite of mine is spending hours creating beautifully-presented, not-all-that-useful flashcards to learn key vocabulary.

As a result I have spent more of my time choosing colours and misspelling words than actually learning the vocabulary.

Enter FlashSticks®.

FlashSticks® are an interesting and easy way to learn key vocabulary by sticking the flashcards wherever works best for you.


Each FlashSticks® Post-it note flashcard contains:

  • The target language spelling
  • A phonetic pronunciation aid
  • An image
  • An English translation

What’s more, they are conveniently organised into gender word categories: PINK for feminine nouns, BLUE for masculine nouns, YELLOW for neuter nouns and GREEN for all other word types.

What can you do with FlashSticks®?

Stick them to the object in question…


Stick them on something to learn on the go…


Or stick them up around you to encourage language learning as you go about your daily routine…


FlashSticks® Post-it note flashcards are available in three levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced for learners of English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and British Sign Language.

You can buy Starter Packs (100 unique words, currently £3.99), Topic Packs (75 unique words, currently £3.99) and Box Sets (600 unique words, currently £23.99) from the website here.

They are are perfect language learning tool for students, adults and teachers of all ages.


FlashSticks® gifted me two packs: Spanish Intermediate Holiday + Travel to consolidate a language I’m learning, and German Beginner to try something new!

Since receiving the packs I have been using them on the go and at home to boost my languages. This week you will have often found me gazing at the German flashcards in a haze of confusion trying to figure out the pronunciation as it’s a language so different to any of those I’ve touched on before (stay tuned for how to master perfect pronunciation using FlashSticks® soon).

I’m surprised at how quickly I’ve picked up the new German words from a pack of flashcards, and it’s inspired me to continue with the language (although maybe I’ll get through the two languages in my degree first!)

FlashSticks® are easy to use and save time by cutting out the process of making the flashcards one by one. Alongside using the physical flashcards, there is an app to also aid your language learning. More will follow soon in my FlashAcademy™ review.


GIVEAWAY!Alice-PNG-alice-in-wonderland-33922018-444-800 (1)

That’s right – you can WIN a FREE set of FlashSticks flashcards. To enter, head over to my Instagram (@aliceinwanderlanddiary) or my Twitter (@Alice_Young96) and look for the GIVEAWAY image, as above.

3 reasons to use FlashSticks

  1. It’s the perfect opportunity to pick up a NEW language and learn when you’re not learning
  2. Finally crack the elusive mystery of European languages that is the gender system with the colour coded notes.
  3. You can use them anywhere. Pop them on your notebook, phone or friend and get a language to STICK.

Dankeschön for reading! Did you know I speak German now?



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