The websites you need to bookmark as a linguist

My Bookmarks tab is always growing with useful websites to help me on my language learning journey. Are you a linguist? Bookmark these sites now…


If you are a languages student and haven’t used Word Reference then I salute you for getting through the countless essays and translation exercises up until now. This is an obvious top website for a linguist but if you haven’t come across it so far, it is worth checking it out.

Word Reference is an online bilingual dictionary tool and consistently ranks as one of the top 500 most-visited websites. You can use it to translate single words, idiomatic phrases, check up conjugations in verb tables and browse their forums to join their online community of linguists.

news in slow

I often find my university lecturers suggesting to “immerse yourself through films, radio and TV in the target language”. I try to make sure I have the radio on in the target language whilst I write my essays to focus, but sometimes I end up getting frustrated at how little I understand.

Radio presenters (my Dad included!) ramble on about everything and anything, and tend not to use the most formal register as they speak, in order to give off a conversational, relaxed vibe. This has left me very confused as I try and get my head around the far-too-fast, informal radio broadcasts, riddled with slang and words I have never heard of.

News in Slow (currently in French, Spanish, Italian and Germancontains hundreds of weekly news podcasts in the target language, read at a slower pace and complete with a transcript for any tricky words you miss.


With this FREE study tool, users can upload the exact material they need to learn and create online interactive flashcards and quizzes to test their knowledge. I love using it to upload my own word banks but also to browse the 140+ million of other online sets, already created.


Looking for overseas work? A paid internship or graduate job to complement your language skills? Help and advice whilst abroad? The Student Language Bureau is an online support system helping with all of the above, and more.

Once registered you can browse their job listings and apply online. And a huge plus – the service is FREE.

Another plus? The Student Language Bureau also has a BLOG with contributing writers and I have joined their team as of September 2017!

I am really excited to see my writing featured somewhere else and can’t wait to continue with my posts for the site.

Read my first blog post for The Student Language Bureau here:SLB

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