What’s next?

Six weeks from now I will have just arrived in Spain to begin my year abroad.

Where am I going?

Bilbao! I am incredibly excited to be experiencing my year abroad in a region thriving with culture, great food and beautiful landscapes. Although when I was originally allocated El País Vasco I had some reservations as it was not my first choice, I have come to appreciate how great it will be to experience a brand new place and somewhere I may not have chosen to visit.

What am I doing?

British Council

I will be working for the British Council as a Language Assistant in a Spanish primary school. This is a great option for those on their year abroad, and I have heard some really positive stories from those who have just completed their assistantship (minimal working hours, great job and a good salary!) I will be spending 12 hours working in the school each week teaching English, similar to the work I did throughout my Term Abroad in Paris . I’d love to throw myself into the culture and get as much experience as I can through voluntary work or an internship alongside my teaching hours, so stay posted to follow my adventure!

So what is Bilbao and the Basque region all about?

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It’s a place that demands exploration beyond the delightful and cosmopolitan main cities of Bilbao, Vitoria and San Sebastián. You travel through the Basque Country always curious, and frequently rewarded.

(Lonely Planet, 2017)

The Basque Country, El País Vasco in Spanish, is rich in culture and has many places to explore. Just from a quick research prior to moving out in a few weeks time, I have found that this region has everything from beautiful beaches for surfing to magnificent mountains for hiking, and busy cosmopolitan cities too.

What am I nervous about?

In terms of moving abroad, I am pretty excited as have recently undertaken a three-month internship position in Paris and spent a year working as an Au Pair near Geneva prior to university. But all of this time was spent in France, and I am yet to spend longer than a week in Spain. French naturally comes easier to me and so I would say what I’m most nervous about is jumping into the Spanish lifestyle and understanding what everyone says. This is also something I am really excited about, as I can’t wait to come back with a better grasp of the Spanish language, and maybe even some Basque…here’s a taster below for those who thought it might be similar to Spanish!

Hello – Kaixo!

Bye – Agur!

My name is Alice – Nire izena Alice da.

How are you? – Zer moduz?

Very well, thanks – Oso ondo, eskerrikasko.

I have set up an Instagram account to go hand-in-hand with my blog. Feel free to give me a follow using the icon on this site/through the username @aliceinwanderlanddiary !

That’s all for now. I look forward to sharing more about my preparations ahead of moving to Spain!

Thanks for reading,



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