A Paris weekend with ma mère

This weekend has been the best opportunity to recharge as I have had my Mum visiting!

After another busy week at work, it was perfect to spend the weekend relaxing, shopping and spending time with my Mum. Whilst I was at work on Saturday morning teaching, I set her the task of finding a good lunch spot and the crêperie did not disappoint. The little restaurant is Le Dauphin, located on Place Dauphine just round the corner from the Notre Dame.

After this, I knew I had to show her my favourite bookshop Shakespeare and Company, where we both chose a book. After a very strange experience in a cafe we stumbled across round the corner, completely kitted out in  Star Wars theme (!) we took the metro to La Grande Mosquée de Paris. The walls were beautiful and covered in blue and white patterns. The Mosque gardens were clearly very well kept and had lots of flowers and coloured tiles.

Just round the corner from La Grande Mosquée there was the Salon de Thé de la Mosquée de Paris which served delicious green mint tea for 2€ and little pastries and sweet treats.

On Sunday we visited Le Marais and stumbled across the most amazing crêperie to get our sweet crêpe fix for the weekend. The little shop was La Droguerie du Marais with a fast crêpe service from the window. They were very reasonably priced at 2,50€ for a crêpe avec citron et sucre, and 4,50€ for one avec nutella et banane. The portion sizes and customer service were also brilliant!

I was very lucky as I was cooked a delicious dinner in my Parisian home by my Mum as we spent the evening watching the election results unfold.

This week I have been enjoying spending time in the sunshine and with my lovely host family. I have also done a lot of teaching around Paris and have started to teach some of the songs from my days at summer camp…

As always thank you for reading!


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