From university life to 9-5…

One of the things I was most worried about before flying out to Paris was the change in my routine. At Leeds, although in the run up to the start of my Term Abroad I had university deadlines and exams, I very much worked my schedule around everything I wanted to do like seeing my friends, cooking nice meals and getting to the gym. I knew I would be working long days and wanted to make sure I still had the balance between a relatively healthy lifestyle and time to rest for myself after a busy working day too.

I have left the house most days before 8am and am teaching in the city until 6pm with bits of teaching and playing with the children when I got home, so I knew I had to make sure I planned my routine to fit around everything I needed to do.

Before coming to Paris, I looked at a few of the gyms which are nearby to where I live, but most did not offer the option to sign up for anything less than a year and any I did find were into the three-figure monthly memberships so I knew that wouldn’t suit my student/intern budget.

Instead, I have found a great load of workout videos to do in the morning before I head to work (see the links below), and have managed to bulk prepare my meals for the week using recipes from The Body Coach and BBC Good Food as well as some of my own creations too.

Although the change from a student lifestyle to a full time Monday-Saturday working schedule, I am really enjoying having a routine. It also makes me appreciate how much I love Sundays!

This weekend was politically interesting to view from this side of the English Channel, as I went with my lovely host family to take part in the French voting experience. I am enjoying getting involved in the French way of life and am often finding myself breaking off the top of a fresh baguette on my way home from work, which I think is as French as you can get! Although I haven’t got myself a push scooter as a mode of transport yet like most of the businessmen and women around the city….

Thank you for reading!


15 minute HIIT workout
20 minute HIIT Cardio and Core
15 minute Tabata-style HIIT

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