A weekend in the sunshine

What a beautiful weekend it has been!

Alongside trying to kick my cold, I have spent the weekend of my first week at work relaxing in the sun and preparing everything for the week ahead.

As I am living next door to a lovely family and helping from time to time with the children’s English, I can also add colouring, lego building and daisy chain making to the list of what I have been up to!

This afternoon I have been busy making sure I am prepared for the week ahead. This week I will be taking two English language workshops, one with 3-6 year olds in the mornings and another with 7-10 year olds in the afternoons. It has been great fun checking out English songs to sing with the children and looking at the crafts I will be doing with them during the week.

I have had a really positive and exciting first week and am looking forward to seeing what else is in store for me over the weeks to come.

Plus, Andy has booked a flight to pop over for Easter weekend so I have something great to look forward to on Friday! I am enjoying looking into some great spots to visit, eat and scope out the best French chocolate for Easter.

Thank you for reading,


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