My first week at the office

I say ‘at the office’, but in fact I have hopped all over Paris!

The first week of my internship has been incredibly busy so this is the first chance I have had to write about it! My first day was very nerve-wracking..What should I wear? What should I take? What will I be doing?..but these stresses were all gone when I arrived at the office to see a friendly face also waiting on the sofa, another intern starting the same day as me! This was great as I was able to share the excitement and nerves with Billie, and neither of us were the only new girl in the office.

Before I arrived at the closest metro stop to the office I noticed that I was in fact just under an hour early (first day nerves!), which gave me the chance to try out a café au lait at a coffee shop just round the corner, Cozette which was super!

After the office welcome, I was sent out to observe some English teaching in the afternoon. This was really exciting as this was the part of the job I have been really excited for. This week, there have been English language workshops for children during their Easter holidays. Each day I have been whizzing around the city on the metro, observing one class in the morning and another in a different centre in the afternoon. This has been great as it has been a nice way to be broken into our routine.

Next week I will be teaching the classes alone and am really looking forward to putting my own spin on the classes and bringing together my previous teaching experience!

This weekend I will be relaxing and getting over the awful cold which arrived on Monday morning just in time for my first morning. Thankfully, the weather is looking incredible in Paris and I am looking forward to doing some more exploring in my local area. This afternoon will be spent reading in my local park in the French village which reminds me of a scene from Beauty and the Beast every time I walk through it! There is even a little village library just like in the film….

Now I am off to enjoy the sunshine but am looking forward to another Monday commute with this view….


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