Opening a French bank account

The past few days have consisted of various meetings with different banks and a lot of “non vous ne pouvez pas” so I thought I would share the best experience I had to make this process a lot easier for anybody else in the same situation!

The company who I will be doing an internship with recommended I tried BRED Banque Populaire and after many failed phone calls and meetings with other French banks I would also recommend trying them.

There are certain documents which you must take with you as without them it is practically impossible!

  1. Un justificatif d’identité (Your passport)
  2. Une adresse en France (A French address)
  3. Une carte étudiante (Your student card)
  4. Un justificatif récent de revenus (A recent payslip)
  5. Un justificatif de domicile *(This proved the most difficult…please read below!)

*In my case, I am living with a French family, and this required THREE forms of proof before I was able to set up the account:

  • Un justificatif de domicile de la personne qui m’hérberge (A house bill from the family)
  • Une attestation d’hébergement (A letter signed by the family declaring I will be living with them)
  • Une copie de la pièce d’identité de la personne qui m’héberge (A copy of their passport/identity card)

As your living situation may not be the same as mine, this could be slightly easier for you, but I would advise making sure you have copies of the five documents above before even making your appointment.

Any questions, please feel free to hit the CONTACT button above to send me a message.


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