First few days in Paris

I have had such a busy few days..setting up a French bank account (which warrants its own blog post..to come!), sorting out my travel pass and settling in to my new home just outside Paris.

I have spent the past few days with Andy who has been a star setting up base in Starbucks whilst I have meetings with the bank, helping carry (solely carrying) my suitcase across the city and always having a smile on his face when I hit a bump in the road. Despite the 101 life admin tasks, we did manage to visit some of our favourite Parisian spots like our favourite restaurant, Bo man café and our favourite bookshop, Shakespeare and Company. 

During the course of my internship I am staying just outside Paris in a beautiful French village on the commuter line, in the guest house of a family. The past few days has been jam packed with colouring, den building and exploring with the children! It will be so lovely to come away from the city after work and enjoy a bit of peace in the countryside. Plus the boulangerie is even closer than I thought…you can smell it just outside the garden gate!
Although it has been incredible settling in over the past few days, there have definitely been some stressful moments! For example, trying to make our way across Paris to my new home for the first time in the peak of rush hour and a mad rush of commuters, the “Non” from the lady at the bank when I asked to set up an account and trying to use the wrong tickets for a journey on the metro. But it is certain that these all form part of my journey and I am now swiping my Navigo pass and using the metro just like a local. (In fact, one man who I helped with directions on the train yesterday complimented me for my very “English sounding accent”, as I spoke to him in English, which surprised him when he discovered I was in fact from England. Maybe I really am blending in with the locals?)

As well as the bustling heart of Paris, I have already discovered a new favourite spot : Saint-Germain-en-Laye which is ten minutes from my new home. This town has so much culture and history and a beautiful castle (and some fantastic shoe shops) so I am looking forward to hopping on the train and seeing more of this beautiful town!

Today involves getting ready for my first day at my new internship tomorrow and relaxing. Enjoy your Sunday too and thank you for reading!


2 thoughts on “First few days in Paris”

  1. St Germain en Laye is beautiful. Jo and I have been there this weekend, can highly recommend the St Malo restaurant by the château (which is one of the many free attractions in Île de France for 18-25s). Two courses €15,50 and lovely food. Talking of food, make sure you try the Boullion Chartier by Grands Boulevards metro stop – fantastic Parisian style food (and atmosphere!) but nothing like Paris prices. (Lovely wine collection too!). Have a wonderful time.

    P.S. Jo’s advice… If you rely on the RER to get to work like she does…just be calm at all times!!


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